Poolspa Effect


1) 15-minute programme – "skinBEAUTY"

The first stage of the bath is water massage of a medium and then high intensity that loosens your muscles. After a while, air massage with ozonation turns on – it gradually increases its intensity. It is the base of skinBEAUTY programme – it improves your skin blood flow, tightens it and makes it firm, reducing wrinkle depth, cellulite and stretch marks. The light colour changes from delicate violet to stimulating red. In the next stage, ozone air massage (pearl bath) enters the modulated mode – high intensity at the beginning changing into smaller one. After a short break, an intensive water massage starts again, decreasing its intensity after a few minutes. Light colour changes into vitalising yellow. At the end both massage types enter the constant mode of medium intensity. Light colour changes into relaxing blue. Composition of skinBEAUTY treatments gradually shapes your figure and makes your skin smooth, perfectly moisturised and capable to assimilate more oxygen.


2) 20-minute programme – "bodyREGENERATION"

The bath begins with a modulated air massage and water massage of medium intensity. Red light helps stimulate your body for intensive regeneration. During the next stage, the intensity of both massages is increased to maximum; water massage, which is the quintessence of bodyREGENERATION programme, enters the pulse mode, imitating masseur’s movements. Rapidly changing colourful light stimulates blood flow, and after entering the gentle colour changing mode, it loosens your muscles thanks to strong water streams. After some time the situation changes – air massage again enters the sinuous mode and water massage intensity level is set high. At the same time, light changes into yellow that restores your vital force and at the end it takes on the shade of an energetic orange. The programme finishes with a few-minute water and air massage of high intensity thanks to which you will regain muscle and joint fitness as well as vital force.


3) 10-minute programme – "proRELAXATION"

The first stage of the bath is air massage of constant high intensity which is reinforced by an intensive water massage. Tense muscles loosen and calming blue light takes your mind into a state of deep relaxation. A few minutes later water massage stops and a relaxing pearl bath becomes less intensive and enters the modulated mode. Gentle green light touches your senses and helps you regain inner harmony and balance. After a few minutes of calming and relaxation, loosening intensive water massage turns on for a moment – it disappears when light changes into vitalising yellow. proRELAXATION programme ends with a fewminute session in water and air streams of constant moderate intensity. It favours inner silence and calming of your body and orange light gives you a new lease on life when you finish this relaxing bath.



Electronic control

3 laser printed icons on the bathtub (Pro Relaxation, Skin Beauty, Body Regeneration), all icons are highlighted by colourful LEDs - when you touch any icon, you turn on one of advanced programmes combining water and air massage as well as chromotherapy in a suitable configuration
- possibility to turn on water and air massage as well as chromotherapy only within the framework of programmes
Temperature display (laser printed on the bathtub) with colourful LEDs showing water temperature in the bathtub


Rotational jets for the back, rotational jets for the feet (in bathtubs with round jets) or directional jets for the feet (in bathtubs with square jets, side jets, with the possibility to adjust water stream direction
- water level sensor
- protection against pump becoming dry
- water drain after bathing

Air massage

System of air ducts in the bathtub
- blower with air heater
- automatic ozonation of water
- water offtake from the air massage system after a bath
- automatic drying of air massage system after a bath with warm air


Single-point multicolour underwater diode lights


Possibility to complete STANDARD VERSION with the following packages:



- standard equipment
- disinfection of the bathtub full of water
- connection that enables filling the bathtub with water through jets




- standard equipment
- disinfection of the bathtub full of water
- connection that enables filling the bathtub with water through jets
- instant water heater (heater maintaining water temperature)