The colour of the  environment influences the health and the mood of people.  Ancient civilisations already knew about that , and chromotherapy was used effectively by the Chinese, Hindus and Egyptians.
Experts on the subject claim that every body emits radiation which may have different colors. This is why one instinctively prefers the activity of radiation that one lacks, and renounces those that has in abundance. Hence the need to change  the color of one's rooms or preferring clothes in a definite color.

Chromatherapy maybe divided into:

HELIOTHERAPY - using the natural light of the sun,
ACTINTHERAPY-  using artificial sources of radial, infra-red or ultra-violet rays, as colors are nothing more than light with different oscillation wavelengths, from 400 to 700 millimicrons.
Due to their therapeutic activity, colors has been ascribed the following influences:

Blue - soothes pain,
yellow - improves the general frame of mind,
red - stimulates
green - restoring the inner balance

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